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For the Media

We are contacted regularly regarding requests for soldier who was raped within the last two or three months on the battlefield. While we understand your desire to interview such a person, you need to know that fulfilling is very unlikely. All the Active Duty soldiers are not allowed to speak to the media without punishment by the military. So any information you share, such as your request, will have to be posted on our private group sites or on Facebook. Survivors may contact you directly. Remember that the survivor has the ultimate say in any media request. Panic often sets in, and the project may have to be scrapped at the last moment.

If you are thinking this will be a “short” article, it may not be possible due to the layers of information, and the understanding of the entire picture before anyone is able to successfully write about the subject of Military Sexual Trauma.

If you are serious about investing time, we will return your call. With all interviews of survivors we insist that you have a professional on staff for the repercussions of talking about the trauma. If the person has a friend they prefer, that can be agreed upon.

Two brief videos you might want to watch in advance of making the request