Happy Veterans Day!!

Hello Past and Present OARS Board,

Founders, Members, Women Veterans

and our Volunteers, Supporters —

Have a wonderful, happy, memorable Veterans Day. You earned it.

You deserve it. You are brave, courageous, and uniquely qualified. OARS for Women Veterans appreciates that you gave up your ordinary life so we could remain a safe Nation. Our civilian counterparts often say to me that they also honor your service. We honor you.

To our civilian supporters and volunteers, thank you. We at OARS could not do what we do for our veterans without your unwavering support and volunteerism and donation dollars.

Our Outreach And Resource Services “2014 Silent Auction and Women Veterans Brunch” was a huge success and went very well. Our silent auction went very well, raising much needed funds to continue our work on behalf of our women veterans. Thank you to all our donors, supporters and volunteers. We will get you on the website very soon.
OARS continues to be amazed by our service women —their grit and bravery, their tenacity and superb courage under fire, which doesn’t necessarily happen just on the foreign battlefield. This year we had seven women combat veterans as well as women who served in the Womens Army Corps (WACs), in-country Vietnam non-nurse, nurse who served during Vietnam, several disabled women veterans, some in transitions with housing and all say they had a great time. We had women from all walks of life and all branches who were very happy to be with us at Anthony’s HomePort Shilshole. Anthony’s gave us an in-kind donation making it possible for us to have our event there. Thank you for the wonderful food, great staff and cool space overlooking Puget Sound.  And we had several male veterans, two who served during the Vietnam War “in country” as well, one of which just returned from a visit to his base in Vietnam. Our men and women are brave and the audience applauded their service.

The Oars Board