Save the Date! – Town Hall event for the release of Tell – September 26

Please come celebrate the release of Major Margaret Witt's book, Tell, which chronicles her federal court trial against the Air Force. Town Hall is hosting the event at the Museum of Flight on Tuesday, September 26, at 7:30 pm.  Tickets are $5.  PurchaseTickets Margie’s story is more relevant than ever. After a highly decorated 18-year career in [...]

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  Beyond the Bubble Bath… A Women's Symposium Trauma. It happens to the best of us. It wasn’t your fault.  Come to a one-day retreat to learn more about what it is and the effect it has had on you. Lead by Mary Guiberson, M.A. and Julia Sheriden, B.A., a short workshop will be followed [...]

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Join the Video Production “Veteran Parents Explain PTSD”

From Hannah Lofgren: "My name is Hannah, I'm a producer at CUT, a video production company based in Seattle. I am hoping you might be able to help me find families to participate in a new video we're working on, called "Veteran Parents Explain PTSD." We are looking for parents or primary caregivers who have [...]

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Annual Veterans Day Brunch – 2016

OARS for Women Veterans is having its 4th Annual Women Veterans Appreciation Sunday Brunch on November 13th, the first Sunday after Veteran's Day. This year, our brunch gathering will be held at the Ballard Elks Club located at Shilshole Bay. 4th Annual Veterans Day Brunch at Ballard Elks Club, Shilshole Tickets are: $25 Women Veterans ($40 at the door); [...]

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Women Veterans Summit

Join us to celebrate a legacy of proud military service, renew old acquaintances and form new ones. This Summit will provide comprehensive information regarding federal and state benefits and managing the challenges women veterans of all ages and services face today. Registration is free for all veterans and current members of the armed forces, but donations [...]

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